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Born in Riga, Latvia, I spent every summer near the sea - exploring the nearby forest, connecting with nature and embracing all its characters and seasons. I knew that it is very important to stay close to nature and not to forget how it makes me feel. Growing up in a poor family, eating heavy and low-quality food was a normal thing, as well as having one or another disease at some point - be it obesity, diabetes, heart diseases or other. Being the only one in the family who was not overweight (yet) I was driven by the fear to become like the rest in my family so I started to explore ways of living a healthy life. Having lived in Sweden and England and settled in Switzerland, I had experienced life and witnessed consumerism like never before. I also learned that the mainstream food that people love so much is extremely far from the real food that we should be putting into our body. Paleo opened my eyes to a lot of things, and I am dedicated to helping as many around me as possible to make a smooth transition to a life where making healthy choices is not a challenge and not even a question - rather a way of life. In this case, one size does not fit all - but there are things you can start implementing already today to become healthier. I will be more than happy to help you with that.

- Certified PALEO COACH®
- Nutrition and Health

My biggest passion is cooking. I love trying out recipes and perfecting those of my own. My goal is to come up with the most efficient and delicious recipes to show people that living healthily can be done with little effort and time at hand. I also love movement and working out, and I prefer to do so outside of the gym - we have everything we need to stay fit! 🙂 For some years, I have done running and bodyweight exercises, but, currently, I am exploring the Primal Play fitness method - it is absolutely fantastic as a family activity and can be done anywhere. Last but not least, I love being outdoors in the nature - exploring and capturing it on camera. In fact, my camera is also my companion during my food experiments. 🙂

+41 794084007